Lucas designs web and mobile products.

Web3 Gaming

Product designer and artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York specializing in mobile apps and websites. This past June I helped Karate Combat launch their new Web3 gaming app. Previously, Product Design at LiveAuctioneers.


Proud of my collaborations on socially progressive projects with UnionDocs, PBS’s POV and the Robinhood Foundation’s social impact incubator - where I helped kicked-off product design for the award winning

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Karate Combat - Vote Live!

Product & Creative Direction

Karate Combat


Available on the App Store

Karate Combat aimed to enhance fan interaction and financial support for its fighters. The challenge was to create an intuitive app that not only allowed fans to actively participate in fighter support but also offered seamless access to event information and token management.

The design process began with a thorough analysis of user needs and behaviors. Understanding the fans' desire for engagement and the fighters' need for financial backing formed the foundation of the app's features.

Wallet Creation and Management

To facilitate easy entry into the world of virtual rewards, the app allows users to create a wallet and store their seed phrase securely. This feature ensures that users have full control over their rewards.

Seamless Token Handling

The app provides a hassle-free way for users to receive $Karate tokens, promoting a sense of inclusion and participation without any initial financial investment.

Event Engagement

Users can explore the results and intricacies of past and ongoing events. This feature enables them to stay connected with the Karate Combat universe and its evolving dynamics.

Fighter Support and Voting

One of the app's core features is the ability for fans to vote for their favorite fighters. These votes directly influence potential fight prize pools, allowing users to contribute actively to their preferred fighter's success.

Incremental Rewards for Engagement

The app goes a step further by awarding users more virtual rewards for voting on victorious fighters. This mechanism strengthens the bond between fans and fighters, fostering a symbiotic relationship.

Event Notifications and Streaming

Fans are promptly notified when new events are announced. The app also supports event streaming, ensuring that users can engage with live action and witness results in real-time.

Token Transactions

Users can effortlessly receive and transfer $Karate tokens, providing a seamless avenue for exchanging rewards within the app's ecosystem.

Visual and Interactive Design

The app's design language strikes a balance between the energetic spirit of karate combat and a user-friendly interface. High-contrast visuals and intuitive navigation pathways create an engaging and accessible experience for users of all backgrounds.


LiveAuctioneers Apps

Product Design

LiveAuctioneers LLC


Available on the App Store

Auction Central News

Product Design

LiveAuctioneers LLC



POV 30th Anniversary Posters

Graphic Design

American Documentary Inc.



The Wall Street Journal for Android

Visual & Product Design

The Wall Street Journal



Co-Founder & Product Designer is a tool to document, organize, and take action in securing repairs on your apartment.

Winner of the 2015 Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood social impact incubator.

GPS for the Soul

GPS for the Soul

User Experience, Visual Design

The Huffington Post


Available on the App Store

HuffPost for iPhone

Product Design, User Experience, Visual Design

The Huffington Post


Available on the App Store iPhone App Mobile

Art Direction, User Experience, Visual Design


Agency: Web2Mobile


Available on the App Store
Tuango and WagJag iPhone App

Daily Deal Apps

Art Direction, User Experience, Visual Design

Client: Tuango & WagJag

Agency: Web2Mobile


Silver Medal Winner at the 2011 Digital Marketing Awards for Mobile Applications/Mobile Web

Available on the App Store
Random House iPhone + iPad App

Random House

Art Direction, User Experience, Visual Design

Client: Random House of Canada

Agency: Web2Mobile


Gold Medal Winner at the 2011 Digital Marketing Awards for Mobile Applications/Mobile Web

With the popularity of digital reading devices on the rise, Random House of Canada wanted to invite readers to re-imagine the entire reading experience. targeting heavy mobile users, random House sought to create an interactive and engaging experience that would bridge the divide between the digital space and physical bookstore by creating branded content mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Devices. the Conversation starters app allows readers to scroll through a selection of new and bestselling non-fiction books, explore interesting facts, test their knowledge and share with friends. readers can make a purchase or use GPS and integrated maps to locate a bookstore near them.

Available on the App Store
Looking at Los Sures Poster

Looking at Los Sures Poster

Visual & Print Design

Client: UnionDocs

Printed @ Kayrock Screenprinting

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